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Save money by shopping online!

Step 1. Place your order and select Pick up in Store

For the purchase of your product(s) in the “Pick up in Store” mode, you must select it in the cart before making your payment.

For the “Pick up in Store” mode you will be able to purchase the products sold on www.rezfurniture.com.

When you select the “Pickup in Store” option, if the order is in Shipped or Delivered status, you  can no longer request an exchange or change the shipping address. The costs and shipping times to the store will depend on the selected method, it is important that before confirming your purchase you check the amounts to be paid. Subsequently no additional amount will be charged at the time you pick up your order at the store.

The tracking number for your order can be viewed through our portal at  www.rezfurniture.com, via Messenger chat. You will need to provide your name and order number.

Step 2. We will notify you by email as soon as your order is ready to be picked up!

When your order is ready at our warehouse, we will send a notification to the registered email with the subject “Your order is ready for pick up!” indicating the days and times when the order can be picked.

Step 3. We will notify you by email as soon as your order is ready to be picked up!

To pick up your order at the store, we suggest you consider the following items:

If you are the “purchaser” of the account registered at www.rezfurniture.com you must present any of the following options:

  • Your order is ready to be picked up!
  • Order number and a valid official photo ID.
  • If you are the “Person authorized to pick up the order” you must present the Order Number and a valid official photo ID.

For your safety, it is very important to use the e-mails or notifications you receive from www.rezfurniture.com properly, since they contain all the information needed to pick up your merchandise at our location.

We will set aside your order at our warehouse for 15 calendar days. Starting from the moment you receive the notification on your email “Your order is ready to be picked up”. In case you  do not show up in that period of time, the order will be returned, and the refund will be made accor ding to your payment method.

The warranty of the product(s) starts from the moment you pick up your order at the store. We are not responsible for the handling of the product leaving our facilities (bumps, peeling paint, scratches, etc.).

That's it! You just saved time buying online and picking up in store.



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