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It’s never been easier to earn
points! Earn cyber cash with
your REZ Points.

What are REZ Points?

REZ FURNITURE gives you points for your online purchases and for the different interactions made in our social networks, which you can be used on our website www.rezfurniture.com for future purchases. They will be used as “Cyber Cash”.
There are several ways to earn points, it’s very simple!
See terms and conditions*

How to earn points?

Sign up and start earning!

To start earning points the first thing you have to do
is go to our website at www.rezfurniture.com and
click on the section “Club points with REZ”, select
the option “create account” and enter
a username and password, and that’s it, you’re
already earning!

You will receive a confirmation email with
all the benefits that you can acquire with your REZ points,
remember that with your registration you will have earn your
first 1,000 points! To increase your points, you must
follow 3 simple steps that REZ FURNITURE has for you.

Make online purchases

Each product has a value according to its price, when you place your order, these will appear in “Checkout” and will be automatically credited to your account so you can use them as “Cyber Cash” on your next purchase.

Don’t forget to leave a comment on our website, it will also
earn you points! The more points you accumulate, the greater your discount will be.

Interacting with our different Social Networks

Just follow us on our social networks Facebook: @REZFurniture,
Instagram: @rezfurniture and share our content, don’t forget to leave
your comments, it will earn you more points.
Use the hashtag #IWINWITHREZFURNITURE to reach more friends.

Check our terms and conditions to validate points*.

Live broadcast!

Visit our showroom located at 2650 Division St, Melrose Park, IL 60160
and make a live broadcast on your social networks with a minimum
duration of 3 minutes and earn the maximum bonus in REZ points,
see our tabulator for more information.
Don’t forget to tag us to validate your points.

Remember that the more actions you perform,the more points
you will receieve.

About receiving REZ Points

100 points = $1 dollar you can use points to pay up to 50% of the total amount of your purchase (Points can be used for discount on the price of products only.
Does not include shipping).
Points will be used based on the expiration date.
Points are cumulative and can be used on a single transaction,
as long as it is 50% of the total amount of the purchase and they are not expired.
100 days after purchase*.

Tabulator for earning EXTRAS points at REZ

Points expire 3 months after they are approved, you can view your points on the page
www.rezfurniture.com in My Account.


How do I request my points if I have already interacted in social networks?

To have your points added to your account, you can communicate via Facebook Messenger, or send
an email to contact@rezfurniture.com and in the subject line use “I WANT MY POINTS”.
You must attach screenshots of comments, images, videos or any evidence that proves you participated
to validate the points. 

It is necessary to send your evidence from the email address that you registered.
If it is via Facebook Messenger do not forget to mention your username to add your points to your account.
Once the points have been reviewed, they will appear in your account within 3 to 7 business days and you will be able to use them on your next purchase.

Where can I see my points?

Enter your username and password on our website www.rezfurniture.com select the option “points”
and you will access the history of all your accumulated or expired points for your purchases and interactions on our social networks.

How do I redeem my points?

When you make your future purchase, at the end of your order, the option USE MY POINTS will appear
in your checkout. Click on this option and the corresponding discount will be applied automatically.
The points you use will be automatically subtracted from your account. You can check the status of your
points by logging into your account and selecting the option “my points”.

See terms and conditions.*

If I don’t use all my points, can I still use them on my next purchase?

You can use your points on a single purchase until you pay 50% of your total purchase. If you have
points in your favor you can use them on your next purchase or continue accumulating them so that
your discount is greater.
Please remember that you have 3 months from the day you redeemed your points to use them
on your next purchase.

See terms and conditions.*


* In order to generate point’s for Cyber Cash you will have to register on our website and generate your username and password.
* Each action performed must be notified via e-mail contact@rezfurniture.com or via Facebook Messenger with “subject” I WANT MY POINTS. You must attach screenshot of comments, images, videos or any evidence to validate your points.
* All evidence must be sent from the email that was used for registration, in case of requesting points via Facebook Messenger it is necessary to mention your username to request your points.
* If you perform any actions on our website or social networks and you are not notified via email or messenger your points will not be added to your account.
* Once notified, we will proceed to validate the comments on the web by the REZ Furniture team. We will verify email accounts are valid and that the records remain more than 120 days in our database. We well verify the comments made on social networks are not deleted and the accounts are not false.
* The calendar of annual holidays will be changed at the beginning of each year.
* Points will appear in your account no later than 7 business days after you have sent your email.
* The points are valid for 3 months after your purchase. The points will have different expiration dates, depending on the date of purchase.
* Points can only be used to pay up to 50% of the final amount of your purchase. The web page automatically deducts that amount per order.
* For live broadcasts you have to tag us @REZFurniture, with a minimum duration of 3 minutes.
* If you request a refund, the points used will be returned to your account upon refund. If there is a partial refund, points can be refunded in the percentage of the amount of the returned products.
* Points are only valid for online purchases
* Points can NOT be transferred between user accounts.
* Points do NOT work on showroom purchases.
* Points CANNOT be used on shipments.
* Points are not generated on Showroom purchases.
* REZ PICK UP option participates in points.
* On products with 10% to 20% discounts, the points can still be used towards your purchase.
* On products with more than 30% discount, the points can NOT be used.



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